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Parkway Teachers

Beckham, Cameron (318) 759-2282 Civics, Head Coach Boys Soccer
Beggs, Emmett (318) 759-2276 Engineering, Geometry
Beville, Katie (318) 759-2283 Spanish I and II, Senior Class Sponsor
Black, Kevin (318) 759-2284 Algebra I, Head Track Coach, Assistant Football Coach
Bryant, Rick (318) 759-2241 US History, Athletic Director
Carroll, Cheryl (318) 759-2304 Chemistry
Chamlee, Brady (318) 759-2260 Speech, Career Readiness
Chatterson, Melanie (318) 759-2231 Library Science
Clark, Stacy (318) 759-2263 French I
Clinton, Eric (318) 759-2309 Earth Science, 4-H Sponsor
Corkern, Shelly (318) 759-2259 English III, Speech, Astra Club Sponsor
Cox, Tucker (318) 759-2237 Study Skills, Girls Basketball Coach
Curry, Barbara (318) 759-2286 Civics, PBIS Team
DeBello, Jennifer (318) 759-2246 AP Calculus, College Algebra and Junior Class Co-Sponsor
Dunn, April (318) 759-2262 English II, PBIS Team
Edwards, Julie (318) 759-2316 Teacher/Drama/KPAW sponsor
Falting, Kent (318) 759-2243 Geometry, Statistics, Track and Cross Country
Feibel, Stormy (318) 759-2329 Family and Consumer Science, Student Council Sponsor
Finley, Beth (318) 759-2307 Environmental Science, Assistant Softball Coach
Friedley, Courtney (318) 759-2264 English IV, Speech, Student Council
Gatlin, Morgan (318) 759-2266 Study Skills, Danceline Sponsor
George, David (318) 759-2286 Head Baseball Coach, Freshman Football Coach, World History
Gray, Marguerite (318) 759-2281 Spanish I and II, Spanish Club Sponsor
Grubbs, Christina (318) 759-2240 US History, College History, BETA Club Sponsor
Grubbs, Mitchell (318) 759-2278 Business Education
Guess, Michael (318) 759-2350 PE, Credit Recovery, Head Boys Basketball Coach, Freshman Football Coach
Hadwin, Justin (318) 759-2286 Health and PE, Assistant Football Coach
Hadwin, Whitney (318) 759-2301 Biology I
Harper, Lori (318) 759-2255 History, Yearbook, FCA Sponsor
Hill, Makayla PE, Tennis Coach, Head Coach Girls Soccer
Hoechten, Amy (318) 759-2281 English IV, Senior Project
Hopkins, Christy (318) 759-2298 Biology, Dept. Head, Junior Class Sponsor
Impson, Candace (318) 759-2247 Geometry, Advanced Math
Jacobe, Debi (318) 759-2312 Art Teacher, Graduation Coordinator, PBIS Chairperson
Jenkins, Tracy (318) 759-2287 Algebra II, Business Math, Bowling Coach
Johnson, Dena (318) 759-2302 Biology I, Sophomore Class Sponsor
Johnson, Jon (318) 759-2324 ROTC, Tennis Coach
Kennady, Chris (318) 759-2285 Algebra I, Assistant Baseball and Football Coach
Kennedy, Amber (318) 759-2281 English III, English Language AP, National Honor Society
Kitchings, Cheryl (318) 759-2313 Gifted Education (AIM)
Klaus, Kym (318) 759-2310 Art 1, Fine Arts Survey
Lambert, Mark (318) 759-2200 PE, Social Studies, Head Softball Coach
Lawhead, John (318) 759-2289 Advanced Math
Lipscomb, Carlyn (318) 759-2261 English I, Speech
Lofton, Alexis (318) 759-2272 Business Education, JV Cheer Sponsor
Mangum, Matt (318) 759-2200 English (ELL)
May, Neil (318) 759-2380 Physical Education, World Geography, Head Football Coach
McBee, Chuck (318) 759-2237 Study Skills, Content Mastery, Assistant Softball Coach
McGovern, Meredith (318) 759-2239 US History, Social Studies Department Chair, AP
McGrew, Taylor (318) 759-2266 English I
Meredith, Michael (318) 759-2303 Biology II, Golf Team Coach
Mineo, Amanda (318) 759-2306 Biology I, Chemistry, SADD Club Sponsor
Minton, Mark (318) 759-2340 Band Director
Nolen, Ginny (318) 759-2258 English IV, Speech, Senior Project Coordinator
OBrien, Bob (318) 759-2327 JROTC World Geography, JROTC Civics, Cyber Patriot Sponsor
Owens, Zachary (318) 759-2344 Fine Arts Survey, Advanced Choir
Pentecost, Eddie (318) 759-2280 Civics, Assistant Baseball and Football Coach
Phillips, Gretchen (318) 759-2310 Tech Theatre I, Senior Class Sponsor
Rabo, Adam (318) 759-2285 Geometry, Cross Country Coach
Ramadan, Teresa (318) 759-2305 Environmental Science teacher, 9th grade
Rayner, Brian (318) 759-2350 Physical Education (Department Head), Varsity Football Coach and Varsity Basket
Reeder, Roxanne (318) 759-2235 Life Skills, Work Experience, Cons Application
Ricker, Doug (318) 759-2321 JROTC Health, JROTC Aerospace
Ross, Lori (318) 759-2233 Library Science
Saucier, Whitney (318) 759-2242 Algebra I, Varsity Cheer Sponsor
Smith, Reagan (318) 759-2286 Business Education, Assistant Football and Track Coach
Smith, Shannon (318) 759-2245 Algebra II, Algebra II (H), Mu Alpha Theta Sponsor
Stott, Vanessa (318) 759-2283 English II, Freshman Class Sponsor
Vaughan, Dawn (318) 759-2238 Special Education Dept. Chair
White, Kristi (318) 759-2244 Algebra II, Financial Math, Sophomore Class Sponsor
Williams, Gloria (318) 759-2274 Business Education, Head Girls Basketball Coach
Winkler, Jenna (318) 759-2263 English I and II, Freshman Class Sponsor
Wright, Jennie (318) 759-2256 English IV, Senior Project