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Roxanne Reeder


School Handbook


R. Reeder

I began teaching in 1982.  I have taught regular and special education: Hospital Homebound, GED, Reading, Career Education, Teen Leadership, Resource, and Significant Disabilities. Most of my career has been at the high school level, however, I spent 7 years teaching K-3.  My B.A. was in Theatre and Speech Communications from La Tech University.  I also went to Nichols St. University to work on my masters. I began teaching at Parkway High School in 2009, after spending 25 years in South La.  I am blessed to be part of Parkway High School and the south Bossier community.  

Roxanne Reeder
Parkway High School
Special Services

Reeder's Rules.PNG

Classroom Syllabus

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • Learn skills in reading, language, and math
  • Learn to use new vocabulary words, signs, and symbols
  • Read functional level stories in print or symbols
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn lifelong vocational skills
  • Increase and improve daily living skills



Guidelines for Success:

Successful students at Parkway High School are always SHARP.







Classroom Rules:


1. Follow directions the first time

2. Work quietly and play safely

3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

4. Respect others and their property

5. Use good listening skills with teachers and peers



            1. On/Off Campus Vocational Activities

            2. Unique and New-2-You Language Arts Programs

            3. Computer Learning Tools

            4. Large Group Activities

            5. Small Group or One on One Activities

            6. Daily Living Skills




Grades in this class are determined using the standard grading scale for Bossier Parish Schools. Each student will be graded daily for attendance, participation, cooperation, behavior, and completion of class and vocational assignments. At the end of the nine and eighteen weeks, the grades will be determined by points earned over points possible.

Below is the grading scale:

94-100%        A

87-93%          B

75-86%          C

69-74%          D

Below 69%    F

Entering the Classroom:

  1. Be in the room before the bell rings.
  2. Put your school bag in designated area
  3. Put you ID on and prepare for first activity
  4. Quietly work on given activity until I signal for your attention.


Tardy to class:

Students must be in the class when the bell rings. All tardies are reported and recorded.

Attention Signal:

All students will stop, look, and listen when the teacher, para, or administrator raises a hand. No talking will be permitted at this time by students.

Daily Assignments:

Daily assignments are provided on an individual basis. Instructions are given

Turning in assignments:

Turn in completed and checked work to the teacher or paras once completed.

Finding out grade status in class:

Students and parents may check grades on school loop weekly. Progress reports are sent home every 4 1/2 weeks.

Your responsibilities after an absence: 

It is the responsibility of the student/parent to provide all doctor’s excuses to the teacher. Once received, the teacher or para will take the excuse to the front office.  Teacher and Paras will assist in making up classwork one on one with your child.

Communication procedures with parents/guardians

Parents have access to school loop for a variety of school/class information. My class phone number has been provided to you and is listed in school loop. You may call me at any time during the day; however, the most convenient time is during my prep period.   (3rd hour: 11:10-12:40).  I will make every attempt to meet with you if this time is inconvenient.

Ending class:

Remain in your seat until you are given instructions to pack up for the day. Return to your seat until you are given instructions for leaving with parents or paras.



Consequences for Classroom Rule Violations

  • Student/Teacher Conference
  • Time Out
  • Parental contact
  • Student/Principal Conference
  • In school Detention


    Consequences for Code of Conduct Violations

    As the teacher, I will follow school and BPSB policies for violations of school wide rules and regulations as stated in the Parkway High School Student Handbook.

Class Schedule

1st Block:   Functional Life Skills

2nd Block:  Work Experience

3rd Block:   Planning Period

4th Block:   Consumer Applications

Reeder, Roxanne
Life Skills, Work Experience, Cons Application

Roxanne Reeder Locker

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