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Family and Consumer Sciences

Contact Stormy Feibel  Stormy Feibel (318) 759-2329 Family and Consumer Science, Student Council Sponsor

There are several courses under the FCS umbrella: FACS I, Parenthood, Food and Nutrition, Advanced Food and Nutrition, and Child Development.

These courses examine the multiple life roles and responsibilities of individuals and family members. The focus is on the areas of personal and family living, wellness, nutrition and foods, financial management, living environments, appropriate child development practices, and transferring school skills to life and work. Through simulated experiences, students learn to fulfill their responsibilities associated with the work of the family and community.

Reading and writing across the curriculum is strongly encouraged in FACS; thus, skills in mathematics, communication, science, technology, and personal and interpersonal relationships are reinforced in this course. Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course include field trips and service learning.