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Red Jackets


Sponsor:  Becky Gray, Assistant Principal

The "Red Jackets" are a group of faculty selected students who serve the school throughout the year as student ambassadors and school representatives primarily at special assemblies, Open House, and graduation. Being chosen as a Red Jacket is an honor reserved for students who are committed to representing Parkway High School as positive role models at school and in the local community.  

Criteria for Selection for the 2012-2013 school-year:
Scholarship-GPA of 3.0 or above (currently 10th or 11th grader); Service-acts of helpful aid to others and the school; Character-features or traits of moral or ethical quality; Leadership-an act or instance of leading, guidance, or direction

Uniform Requirements:
Girls-Black or khaki skirt or dress pants; white shirt; dress shoes; Red Jacket with patch sown onto the breast pocket (purchase information given at time of initiation).

Boys-Black or khaki dress pants; white shirt; tie; dress shoes; Red Jacket with patch sown onto the breast pocket (purchase information given at time of initiation).                                                                                                     

Faculty Recommendations are typically gathered around the middle of April with selections being made the first of May.