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Child Nutrition Program

Parkway Food Court

It is Parkway High School’s expectation that all students will follow the rules that are designed to assure everyone is allowed to eat a nutritious meal each day in a safe, clean, and healthy environment while practicing self-control and courtesy towards other students and adults.

The food service staff, administration, school staff, and your fellow students will appreciate your cooperation in:

      Being Safe:

  • Stand in a single line at desired food station.
  • Avoid physical contact with other students.

      Being Honest:

  • Pay for all cafeteria items taken.
  • Charge food and drink to only your account.
  • Attend to your belongings.
  • Avoid breaking in line.

      Being Accountable

  • Be responsible for maintaining a clean and safe environment for eating.
  • Always wear your student ID.
  • Be responsible for following all rules and able to answer for your actions.

      Being Respectful

  • Practice self-control and be courteous to others.
  • Respect the privacy of others.
  • When speaking to food service staff, do so respectfully and courteously.

      Being Present

  • Eat nutritious meals each day to remain physically and mentally prepared for learning.
  • Be mentally alert and conscious of possible and present dangers in the cafeteria.

PARKWAY IS A CLOSED CAMPUS. Students and parents are to refrain from bringing outside fast-foods/drinks/lunches onto the campus. If it is necessary to bring food/drinks because of medical reasons, please inform the school administration and deliver these items to the Student Office. Additionally, student check-outs for the purpose of dining off campus for lunch are prohibited unless arrangements are made between the student's parent and the administration for special occasions.

The School Food Service Department does accept personal checks for lunch fees. Current meal prices are posted on the Bossier Parish Schools homepage at under the Department link “Child Nutrition.”

SCHOOL PAYMENT SOLUTIONS (Parent Portal Registration)

Now that the new cafeteria management system is in place at your child’s school, you have the opportunity to sign up for a parent account. From your parent login, you will be able to make online payments to your child’s lunch account (payments applied immediately), view your child’s meal history (updated daily at 4pm), and subscribe to email alerts. Go to for a step-by-step guide to help you through the registration process.